5 Minute Arcade is coming!

The idea for 5 Minute Arcade came about in early 2012. The original concept was that Fennec Moon (then under a different name) would make a handful of short online games that could be played and completed in 5 minutes or less.

While working on the games a temporary website was thrown together that had a long list of 3rd party online games.

Shortly after that our focus shifted from online games to making console games, and the 5 Minute Arcade website was taken down before it ever really had a chance to live…

But NOW 5 Minute Arcade is being resurrected!

5minutearcade.com will go live in early 2023 with a 1 week preview available starting 10/25/22!

The preview week will feature the 1st week Labyrinth Eternal Redux mazes, with many more updates coming throughout the end of ’22 and beginning of ’23.

So be sure to check out www.5minutearcade.com starting 10/25/22 and ending 11/7/22!