The Plan for Fennec Moon in 2021

In the chaos of 2020, the majority of our projects got put on hold or cancelled outright. In light of this, I’m pleased to be able to release the expected release schedule for some of our projects this year.

The 1st release will be “Gone to Fade”, the 4th album from Sepulchre Fields. This will be released the 1st week of April!

The next project release isn’t a product, per se, it’s actually the unveiling of the Fennec Moon Store, which will also happen in April.

The next release after that will be our video game “Chaos Adrift”, which will be available on Xbox One in May.

While there isn’t a release date set for all of this year’s projects, here’s the list of remaining releases:

  • Cardboard Cul-de-sac Racing League (working title; Xbox One)
  • Soundtrack to the From the Void Xbox One game
  • Soundtrack to the Chaos Adrift Xbox One game
  • Darkness Takes Us (5th album from Sepulchre Fields)
  • Currently untitled Xbox One game
  • The 1st episode of Metal to Metal
  • The re-release of “The Progeny” eBook
  • The re-release of “The Dreamlife of Death” eBook

And that’s just the list of confirmed releases!

Gonna be a great year!

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